The objective for New Focus Dance Academy is to provide training to three different levels:

Recreational Students

An atmosphere where dance training will be educational and fun! This level will exist for children who want to attend class once or twice a week for anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour. Our recreational program offers the casual dancer a great amount of flexibility. All genres of dance will be offered and your dancer will cap off their year with a "final bow" at the showcase held in June!

Competitive Students

A competitive student must attend an audition to be accepted at this level.  The dancer will train in all forms of dance and requirements must be met to maintain this level.  Intense training and rehearsals will allow this student to advance from the recreational dancer. This is a serious and motivated dancer who will compete throughout the year several times and attend conventions to further their dance training.​

Pre-Professional Students

This level is created to train a dancer specifically for the professional industry. An audition will take place to allow the dancer at this level. Staff will mentor these dancers on what it takes technically, physically, and emotionally to have a career in the arts. This level is a stepping stone between a competition dancer and the working professional. Dancers will undergo intense training in all genres of the arts including dance, voice, theatre, and acting along with audition readiness. This will enable them to reach their goals as a professional dancer.  They will attend conventions to train with the industry's strongest choreographers.

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